Peter McRae Karate School

Authentic Okinawan Karate in America’s Home Town!

Peter McRae’s karate school in Plymouth, Massachusetts offers expert instruction in authentic Okinawan Uechi-Ryu karate for students of all ages.

Peter McRae's Karate School Sign

Peter McRae’s Karate Schoo

An Okinawan-certified master instructor (Hanshi – 9th Degree) Black Belt, Peter is a personal student of Walter Mattson. Peter is the owner and the principal instructor of the Plymouth school and an active participant in the ongoing international karate and cultural exchange program. He has trained with the Okinawan masters, both in the United States and Okinawa. As a tournament competitor, Peter has competed on the local, national and international levels. His career in competition began in 1969 and lasted through 1981. He won local, regional and AAU Karate Championships in both kata and kumite divisions. In May of 1993 Peter McRae was nominated and appointed to the Massachusetts Governor’s Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports where he served for three terms. In conjunction with Children’s Hospital, Peter has coauthored a study on the effects of karate on children.