Peter McRae Karate School

Authentic Okinawan Karate in America’s Home Town!

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Peter McRae’s Karate School

Peter McRae’s karate school in Plymouth, Massachusetts offers expert instruction in authentic Okinawan Uechi-Ryu karate for students of all ages.


The goal of a Uechi-Ryu student is to maximize physical capabilities. While pursuing this goal, he or she must exert the utmost in self‑control, applying proper attitude to the development of skills, which will result in a deep sense of fulfillment. These worthwhile ambitions are realized through the enjoyment of improved health, the attainment of confidence and the realization that the responsibility for the quality of our lives is, mainly, our own.


Kanbum Uechi, an Okinawan, was the first “foreigner” to study this art on mainland China. He returned to Okinawa in 1910 and was the first Master of the Uechi‑Ryu Karate‑Do system.  Upon his death in 1947, the title passed to his son, Kanei Uechi, the Master until his death in 1991.  Although he left Okinawa only twice during his tenure, Uechi karate spread to all corners of the globe. Today Master Uechi’s senior students have formed the beginning of a new tradition.  Master Takara, a lifelong personal friend of Master Uechi, has developed a new Ryu or school.  O.U.K.A. is a formally recognized school in Okinawa.  A two‑volume book has been written documenting our style, both past and present.  The Uechi-Ryu style and its administrative organization (O.U.K.A.) are staffed by some of the most respected karate masters in Okinawa.


The Plymouth Dojo is one of a number of Uechi-Ryu karate dojos recognized by the O.U.K.A.  Peter McRae opened the school in 1973.  The School comprises students from all walks of life.  They study authentic karate in a safe, serious and friendly environment.


An Okinawan‑certified master instructor (Hanshi‑9th Degree) Certificate No. 33 black belt, Peter was a personal student of Walter Mattson, (10th Degree) black belt and advisor to the O.U.K.A. in Okinawa.  As a tournament competitor, Peter had competed on the local, national and international levels.  His career in competition began in 1969 and lasted through 1981.  He won local, regional and AAU Karate Championships in both kata and kumite divisions. In May of 1993 Peter McRae was nominated and appointed to the Massachusetts Governor’s Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports where he served three governors. In conjunction with Children’s Hospital, Peter coauthored a study on the effects of karate on children.


Although we are saddened by the passing of Peter McRae in 2018, our family and senior students, as well as Peter’s teacher, Walter Mattson, are committed to continuing his legacy.  Peter’s senior student, Gary Sylvia (8th Degree) black belt is the head instructor of the adult classes and is also a test board member.  Additional adult black belt instructors, with many years of combined experience, teach the children and advanced junior classes.  We welcome visitors to attend a free class at our family-owned dojo.