The Case for Karate

By Peter J. McRae

I have led the life of a karate teacher for more than 25 years. More important, I have been a student of Okinawan karate (Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do) for 32 years. It is a dream come true to be able to earn a livelihood while pursuing my passion.

I have taught in the inner-cities as well as the affluent suburbs. I have studied with men, women and children of all races and creeds in both Asia and America. In the course of these exertions, I have come to the realization that almost anyone with the desire and determination can develop karate. [Read more…]

Sensible Karate Training in The Proper Dojo

By Peter J. McRae

There is little doubt today that karate instruction is a good thing. We now have significant scientific evidence pointing to physical improvements in those students who train for even a relatively short period of time.

To benefit from karate training one must begin with a qualified instructor. The qualifications for instructors vary widely from one style or school to another. The lower end of qualification may be in the form of self-promotion or a mail-order diploma. More formal and demanding teaching associations require a reasonable time in a grade, a teaching apprenticeship and a continuation of training. One can assess a potential karate teacher’s qualifications by simply asking who his teacher is. Higher ranked teachers have often trained with their respective masters either here or abroad. In the Okinawa Karate Do Association all black belt ranks above sixth degree are tested only by the Okinawan masters. [Read more…]